About Us

About Us

Active since 1912, Hind Sena i.e. army of Hindustan, a truly secular organization devoid of any religious affiliations, has been working with the sole purpose of uplifting the nation.

The working committee of Hind Sena comprises of experts in the field of policy making, law, academia, medicine and former civil servants. With guidance from such personnel, our programmes are customised to cater to the requirement of each region and strata of the nation.

Our focus throughout remains the same – Sampoorn Samarpan towards a progressive and corruption free India. Hind Sena has been actively working for the upliftment of the lesser privileged by continually running education programmes, providing pro-bono legal advice, free medical check-ups, self-defence workshops for women, reformatory activities such as counselling and yoga camps, free physiotherapy centres etc. to list down a few .

Hind Sena is an organisation of the people- for the people.

Anuj Gupta
Hind Sena Chief
(हिन्द सेना प्रमुख)

Anuj Gupta, a fourth generation social worker, has devoted his life to the nation and RSS from a very young age. He has been instrumental in providing relief and results to thousands of individuals via Jan Sabhas by providing them with employment, education and food facilities.

Anuj is a Staunch nationalist and has over the past decades introduced Several programs for the uplitment of Specially abled, protection of Sages and Safety of Women.

Hind Sena Antar-Raashtriya Sangathan Mahamantri
(हिन्द सेना अंतरराष्ट्रीय संगठन महामंत्री)

Mala Anand is an activist and entrepreneur who uses art as a medium for making an impact on the lives of people.

She has been working relentlessly towards advancing the spirit of nationalism and has dedicated herself to the upliftment and empowerment of women.